TAURUS is building the next generation platform to trade, invest, and protect your digital assets.


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Bringing digital assets & traditional financial assets together

TAURUS service offering relies on three pillars. Contact us for more details.


TAURUS TRADE is an online exchange and trading platform offering the ability to buy & sell a variety of digital assets like Bitcoin, Ether, and more on a Swiss-based entity. TAURUS has built deep-liquidity provisioning with the largest market makers in the world to satisfy the needs of the most demanding institutional investors according to best execution principles.


TAURUS INVEST provides asset management & advisory services to investors willing to get exposure to digital assets through novel, regulated, investment vehicles. To achieve this, TAURUS builds on its team’s in-depth expertise of blockchain, digital assets, and asset management.


TAURUS PROTECT is a secure vault specially designed to ensure the safe-keeping of digital assets, building on the infrastructure developed for its own exchange. The combination of the highest banking standards, most secure technologies, and finest minds in cryptography delivers the most secure platform to protect and store private keys. Located in safe, stable, and secure Switzerland.

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