TAURUS-PROTECT provides secure storage of digital assets.

For Exchanges. Banks. Asset managers.


TAURUS-PROTECT is a highly secure digital asset storage solution developed for exchanges, banks, and asset managers. It has been developed in-house by a team of bankers, hedge-fund executives as well as world-class cryptographers and distributed systems engineers. Its architecture relies on defense in-depth principles.

Developed by security experts AND banking + hedge funds executives

The architecture caters for persistent and redundant infrastructure, with a focus on no single points of failure. Private keys storage and signature execution take place in Hardware Security Modules (HSMs). Transaction requests are digitally signed using secure hardware components (in addition to HSMs). The whole solution is regularly pen-tested and audited.

Trusted by respected financial institutions

TAURUS-PROTECT does not aim to be a digital assets bunker nor a HSM-signing machine. It is rather a complete business solution that includes a multitude of “smart-vault” features, specific workflows and connectivities required by Financial institutions. TAURUS-PROTECT is already trusted and used by some of the largest financial institutions active in the area of cryptocurrencies and represents the backbone of TAURUS digital asset exchange infrastructure.

The strengths of TAURUS-PROTECT

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