TAURUS TRADE is a secure online digital asset exchange and trading platform.

We offer the ability to buy and sell a variety of digital assets such as Bitcoin, Ether, and many more via a Swiss-based entity. It offers an intuitive and secure interface and relies on deep liquidity pools. TAURUS TRADE is available since September 2018 in a broker version. The full exchange version will be deployed gradually there on after, pending the necessary regulatory approvals.


TAURUS TRADE has been designed by leading experts from the banking, trading, fintech, and security areas, who have experience building similar, award winning financial services platforms. Clients will also have access to it via all relevant Application Programming Interfaces (API) such as FIX, HTTP API and WebSocket, allowing them to directly trade using custom software.

TAURUS TRADE is the solution of choice for private and institutional investors and is connected to multiple exchanges and liquidity providers to source the best possible opportunities according to the best execution principles.

The strengths of TAURUS TRADE

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