• Geneva-based Taurus Group SA to build the first fully regulated digital assets and cryptocurrencies exchange abiding by the highest institutional standards to become the trusted counterparty for institutional and private investors.
  • Such an exchange is the only missing piece to emerge in the already attractive Swiss ecosystem of digital assets.

Geneva – 28th June 2018 – Taurus Group SA, a Geneva-based company founded in 2018 by senior executives from the banking, asset management, regulatory, and cybersecurity areas, is developing a regulated trading platform for digital assets and cryptocurrencies. After having received early June a confirmation from the Swiss regulator, FINMA, Taurus Group SA will first start its operations as a financial intermediary in July 2018. In parallel, it is applying to a Swiss broker-dealer license.

Highest institutional standards

Taurus Group SA aims to build, from Switzerland, one of the first fully regulated exchange platforms for digital assets in Europe abiding by the highest institutional standards. By doing so, it intends to become the trusted counterparty for institutional and private investors looking to trade digital assets.

Taurus Group SA believes that blockchain technologies have the potential to sustainably and positively impact our economy. Such an institutional-grade exchange is the only missing piece in the already attractive Swiss ecosystem. Taurus Group SA acknowledges that Switzerland is uniquely positioned to become a leading hub for blockchain and digital assets and is committed to contributing to the competitiveness of the Swiss Financial Centre, both in terms of innovation and value-creation.

Building the best team

Over the last year, the firm has developed its technology and built a very solid and complementary team. The team covers the full financial services and digital assets value chain, including some of the finest minds from the blockchain and cybersecurity areas.

Sébastien Dessimoz, co-founder of Taurus Group SA, explains: “Our objective is to create a Nasdaq for digital assets and to build step by step one of the most competitive teams in Europe. We are closely working with clients, financial services institutions, regulators and top academic institutions to develop the services and infrastructure of tomorrow.”

Pierre Maudet, President of the State Council of the Republic of Geneva says: “We welcome and help projects such as that of Taurus Group SA, as they represent a significant added value for the Geneva’s growing ecosystem, in the field of blockchain applications and cryptocurrencies.”

Important projects on track

Taurus Group SA has secured a 7-digit first financing round from private investors and already has contractual relationships with major Swiss financial institutions in the areas of trading and custody of digital assets. The firm is also collaborating with leading software companies to integrate seamlessly its proprietary technology with financial institutions. Further elements will be communicated in due course.


About Taurus Group

Taurus Group SA is a financial services company created in April 2018 in Geneva. It was founded by senior executives from the banking, asset management, regulatory, and cybersecurity areas. Its offering relies on three pillars:

  • Taurus-Trade: providing brokerage and digital assets exchange services to institutional and private investors;
  • Taurus-Invest: providing exposure digital assets through investment vehicles;
  • Taurus-Protect: providing ultra-secure safekeeping of digital assets.

The firm is led by:

  • Sébastien Dessimoz, M.Sc. EPFL, CFA: Asset Management and Hedge Funds.
  • Lamine Brahimi, M.Sc. EPFL, CFA: Banking and Fintech.
  • Oren-Olivier Puder, Attorney at Law, LLM: regulatory (ex-FINMA) and Hedge Funds.
  • Jean-Philippe Aumasson, Phd EPFL: Cryptography, Cybersecurity and Blockchain. Author of the book “serious cryptography”.

Its Technology Advisory Board is composed of:

  • Prof. Bryan Ford: Head of Dedis Lab, EPFL, Blockchain expert.
  • Dmitry Nedospasov, Phd: Hardware Security Expert.
  • Stéphane Rey: Chief Technology Officer, Asset Management Firm.
  • Thomas Roth: Security Expert, Forbes 30 under 30 (Technology).

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